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The Watch Owner’s Essential Toolset

Owning a timepiece demands some hands-on TLC, and you need the right tools to make that happen.


Owning a timepiece can be a complicated affair. You should think of your duties as the owner of a chronograph, field or dive watch in the same way you do automobile ownership, or a relationship: some TLC is required. There will be strap changes — many of them. Batteries will need to be replaced, scratches buffed, bracelet links added, removed and added yet again. What would your Instagram followers say if they knew your timepiece was haphazardly strewn on a bedside table every night where the cat could knock it to the hardwood? #careless. It needs to be properly housed and, if it’s powered by a self-winding movement, wouldn’t it be nice to strap it up fully charged each and every morning? Here are the tools you need to keep that special timepiece in tip-top shape, so you can hand it down to junior one day with just the right amount of patina.

Ed. Note: For a beginner’s set aimed at more straightforward repairs, this 144-piece kit does the trick for $20.

Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder $60+

Stockinger Chimera Watch Safe Learn More

GP Watch Roll $175

Hawthorne Crafts Bespoke Watch Box Learn More

Bergeron Case Opener $762

JAXA Type Case Back Wrench $24

Turpro Case Back Opening Knife $8

Reversible Fork Springbar Pliers $90

5-Piece Watchmakers Screwdriver Set $10

Optima Polishing Compound $13

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