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10 Suede Straps Perfect for Your Vintage Watch

The fresh side of the hide is perfect for your wrist.

Worn & Wound

Supple, textured and rustic, suede is a fantastic material used on some of our favorite jackets, shoes, bags and even caps. The material is equally at home on your wrist, an eye-popping and comfortable accouterment to your watch. But while we’d recommend suede for any watch, the pre-broken-in look and feel of a nice cut of suede makes it especially ideal for your favorite patinated timepiece.

st15 Suede Vintage Style Strap by StrapsCo $20

Dark Gray Suede Strap by Fluco $29

Midnight Blue Suede Band by Clockwork Synergy $35

Vintage Military Strap by B&R Bands $60

Finn by Crown & Buckle $80

Suede Watch Strap by RRL $125

Suede Watch Strap by Leffot $140

Vintage Saffron by Worn & Wound $150

Gideon Black Suede Padded Strap by Bas & Lokes $165

Beige Suede Watch Strap by Hodinkee $165

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