Our Best Watch Tips of 2016

How to curate and maintain a watch collection the right way.


Watch collecting on the surface seems easy, but getting the most watch for your money and ensuring the longevity of your timepieces is a little more complex than you’d think. Are you buying your watch from a reputable dealer (and at a good price)? Are you ready to handle the maintenance required in owning a vintage piece? Do you have the right tools? This year we published our fair share of guides and how-to’s. But our most essential advice? We’ve distilled that down to a few entries. Consider it your crib sheet on being a better collector in the new year.

How to Fix a Mechanical Watch with an Old TV

Everyday electronics and appliances can throw off your watch’s accuracy. Here’s how to fix it at home, for free, with a CRT TV.

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Debunking the Biggest Myths of Vintage Watch Care

J. W. Sotak, Chief Operating Officer of Analog/Shift, a vintage watch purveyor based out of NYC, shares tips and tricks for vintage watches.

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How to Buy a New Watch for Less

Haggling at a boutique, cruising the gray market, and looking at independent brands: all great tactics for buying a new watch.

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How to Repair a Scratched Watch Crystal

A fresh scratch on an otherwise flawless crystal is a devastating sight. Fortunately, fixing one is cheap and easy to do at home.

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