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Three Colorful Dive Watches from the ’60s and ’70s

A colorful watch will make you smile whenever you check the time.


Though a dashing, do-it-all slate gray dial is a wonderful thing, if there was a major takeaway from reviewing the Seiko “Samurai” Blue Lagoon, it’s that sometimes a watch needs to be fun. Yes, black, white and gray watches are all easy to pull off and will look totally fly with that tweed suit, I’m sure, but a watch that isn’t afraid to embrace color, to be loud different and have some personality will make you smirk every time you look to check the time. Though the Blue Lagoon is far from the only colorful diver on the market today, watch designers really nailed the punchy, colorful look in the late ’60s and early ’70s — and you can still snatch up some great examples.

Orient King Diver

What we like: The Orient King Diver is one of the first Japanese-made dive watches. Produced fromthe mid ’60s through the early ’80s, the King Diver spawned many variants. Naturally, come the ’70s, it picked up a bit of color.
From the seller: Original crystal. Original Black Dial. This watch is in good running order but has not been checked for accuracy.

Buy Now: $200

Reflucta Tidal Moonphase Diver

What we like: How many dive watches come packing a moonphase complication? And a tide indicator? Not many. Aside from the unexpected mashup and the lovely, nebulous mix of blue and red, Analog/Shift notes that Reflucta is a long-gone boutique German watch brand, though the movement inside is from ETA.
From the seller: Case is in excellent condition with only minimal signs of use and wear. Dial is in excellent condition with no signs of discoloration or hand drag. Case back has some light scratches and tool marks but is in otherwise good condition.

Buy Now: $2,300

Omega Seamaster 200 ‘Banana’

What we like: A product of the early ’70s, this rare version of the Seamaster comes with a bright yellow dial that supposedly increased legibility during dives. That’s great and all, but for the most part it’s just really, really fun-looking. Other great flourishes include the red count-up bezel, blocky incidices and sharp sword-shaped hands.
From the seller: One-year warranty. Comes with valuation report.

Buy Now: $2,995

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