You Can Completely Customize This Tech-Packed Smartwatch

The new Alpina AlpinerX Alive smartwatch offers extensive personalization options and new outdoor-focused fitness applications.

alpina alpinerx alive watch
Eric Rossier / Alpina

Combining analog hands, a digital display, smartwatch tech and luxurious Swiss watchmaking, Alpina's newest fitness-focused AlpinerX Alive is a handsome, thoroughly modern timepiece. On top of a base collection of six variants, however, as Alpina is offering a limited-time, online customizing tool which allows buyers to customize various aspects of the watch's design, leading to 1,500 possibilities.

Built for hosting fitness and wellness applications, the AlpinerX Alive has new integrated features, including an upgraded heart rate monitor and GPS. There's also a new high-resolution AMOLED touch screen and sensors to measure breathing, VO2 max and even hydration, and extensive information available via the brand's own smartphone app, such as a Dynamic Coach and weather. These are in addition to existing sleep and activity trackers, optional notifications and more.

alpina alpinerx alive

At 45mm wide, the retail and customized watches offer the choice of steel or, interestingly, fiberglass cases. Fiberglass is an unusual material for watch cases, and here it has a dark, navy blue hue. Customers can also choose from various dial, hands and strap options.

The new collection is being promoted with the online customizing program, which is only available through July 31st, 2020. The watch's price will be $200 less than retail during this period, and a further $200 from the sale of each watch will be donated to the National Park Foundation. as part of Alpina's ongoing relationship with that organization. Final retail prices will be $995 for fiberglass options and $1,195 for steel.

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