Seiko's Overbuilt Luxury Diver Now Has a Green Textured Dial

The new Seiko Prospex LX SNR045 combines the brand's most rugged and premium features with a dial inspired by "underwater forests."

seiko prospex lx snr045

The LX series, which Seiko introduced in 2019 as a new collection of overbuilt, luxury-level sport watches meant to represent the pinnacle of its Prospex line, is getting a new diver model with an all-green dial and bezel treatment. While verdant dials of every shade have proliferated across the watch industry, the new LX SNR045 stands out for its unique texture as well as the premium features of the LX, such as a Spring Drive movement, a titanium case and zaratsu polishing.

Textured dials are kind of a Seiko specialty and not only offer aesthetic interest, but also improved legibility. Here, the brand says the dial's color and pattern reference an "underwater forest," and it provides an interesting contrasts to the smooth Cermet bezel, which is made of Seiko's ceramic and metal composite material.

Calling the LX series "overbuilt" perhaps doesn't quite convey how serious they feel: even in thick, 44.8mm-wide titanium cases they're hefty and wear like armor. Powered by Seiko's premium Spring Drive movement technology, which combines the best of mechanical and quartz features, the watch should provide ±1 second per day of accuracy.

Available in August 2020, the Seiko Prospex LX SNR045 will be limited to only 500 examples and have a price of $6,000 on a titanium bracelet.

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