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This is Probably the Weirdest Clock You've Ever Seen

A three-way collaboration between Swiss avant-garde watchmakers has produced an object of time-telling art that just might blow your mind.

massena lab t rex
Massena LAB

Unless you've followed the world of high-end independent watchmaking closely, you might be struggling to figure out what you're even looking at: It's a clock mounted on two legs — but more precisely, it's art. Those familiar with how far out avant-garde horology can get, however, will easily recognize the ongoing partnership between the watchmaker MB&F and the clockmaker L’Epée.

Called the T-Rex, it features the collaboration's recurring use of exposed clockwork combined with sculptural references to organic or sci-fi motifs, such as insects, sea creatures or robots. Mounted on two tyrannosaurus or chicken legs (take your pick), a green-tinted, domed glass dial resembles an eye with two hands following its curve to indicate the time (though without any indices). All supported in a frame, the finely finished movement is visible behind it.

massena lab t rex
Massena Lab

Like other MB&F x L’Epée clock-art contraptions, this is a carefully over-engineered, refined and highly finished item down to its details. It requires being manually wound with a key at the back and will run for eight days. Sitting 265mm tall, this version was rendered in bronze in further collaboration with the brand Massena LAB following the first, one-off version in steel created in 2019 for Only Watch charity auction.

Only 15 examples of the MB&F x L’Epée x Massena LAB T-Rex Bronze will be produced at a price of $27,000, and it's available from Massena LAB, the Hodinkee Shop (email shop@hodinkee.com to inquire), and Watches of Switzerland.

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