If Apple Did High Mechanical Watchmaking, It’d Probably Look Something Like This

Bell & Ross watches are traditionally chunky and square.

Haute Horology, or “high watchmaking,” is all about complex complications, precious materials, and high-end finishing, all made for a specific set of watch-obsessed customers. Bell & Ross has catered to this market before, mostly using its iconic, chunky square case design. But the brand’s latest release goes a decidedly different route.

The BR-X2 is as minimalist a take on a tourbillon as they come. The movement inside is a square piece of stainless steel, only about 4mm thin. It houses a flying tourbillon at six o’clock and a mini winding rotor at nine, all of which is sandwiched between two pieces of sapphire crystal. Bell & Ross opted to leave the movement fairly plain, which should resonate more with fans of clean industrial design. When it goes on sale later this year it will retail for $64,900.

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