The NOMOS Lambda Steel Makes a Strong Case to Be Your Everyday Watch


nomos lamda
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    For some, it may seem odd to be speaking about a luxury wristwatch at the moment. "What good is a watch few people will see?" They might say. Or, "Aren't dress watches only for business meetings?" But those with similar thoughts have not met the NOMOS Glashütte Lambda Steel, the venerated watchmaker's latest release and an ode to 175 years of watchmaking tradition in Glashütte.

    The benefits of a high-quality wristwatch reach far beyond the boardroom or a night out on the town. The right wristwatch can entirely alter the way that you feel — change your mood; bring new life to an old outfit; inspire confidence; and can especially bring you joy as your gaze inevitably falls upon its face throughout the day. The NOMOS Lambda Steel is just such a watch. We spent a week with the Lambda Steel strapped to our wrist — and we wish we had more time.

    From the Brand

    "Fine watchmaking, now presented in a stainless steel case: The special edition Lambda model combines 175 years of Glashütte tradition and high-tech precision with modern, everyday wearability. This special edition, limited to 175 pieces, is regulated according to chronometer standards. All this makes Lambda an unmistakably unique item, a watch for life."

    nomos lamda
    Gear Patrol Studios

    What We Like

    For our tester, right from the start there was a lot to like about the Lambda Steel. First and foremost, it offers the same high-quality, hand-wound, in-house movement as the rest of the Lambda model family that is cased in gold and rose gold, a watch that retails closer to $20,000. The DUW 1001 movement is regulated to chronometer standards which for those who aren't familiar, means that it's exceedingly accurate.

    But that can all be told from looking at the spec sheet. What really impressed our tester was what came upon closer inspection, and by strapping the watch to the wrist. Immediately noticeable is the watch's near-goldilocks case size of 40mm. For most wearers, this will be right in the sweet spot — as it was for our tester. But if you often wear a smaller or larger watch, the Lambda Steel strikes a nice middle ground and can truly work for everyone (even those with smaller wrists if you swap out the Horween genuine shell cordovan strap).

    A close second in terms features immediately noticeable on the Lambda Steel is the high-gloss enamel dial. Enamel dials are somewhat of a calling card for high-end luxury watches. It's an incredibly labor-intensive process to create one, yet nothing quite compares to the color of an enamel dial. As a result, they typically command a much higher price tag than the $7,500 that the Lambda Steel can be had for. In order to achieve the enamel finish on the Lambda Steel, NOMOS uses a high-gloss lacquer to coat the dials in several layers. After the application of each layer, the dial is polished before the next layer is applied. The result is a light transparency in the surface of the dial, which resembles enamel.

    But what really brings this wristwatch over the top is its incredible yet simple attention to detail. Our tester was immediately drawn to the typeface utilized on the dial in calling out "Gangreserve 84 Stunden" — denoting the watch's 84-hour power reserve. It's an unmistakably Bauhaus-inspired design, and one that lives up to the movements promise of combining aesthetics with everyday function. Most would notice this detail after a cursory inspection of the watch. But perhaps its most whimsical detail is easily missed in such an inspection.

    By taking a close look at the movement through the exhibition caseback, hand-carved on the balance cock are the words "Mit Liebe in Glashütte Gefertigt," which translates to "Lovingly Produced in Glashütte." That level of care and passion comes through in the entirety of watch — whether you're the owner or simply an admirer.

    nomos lamda
    Gear Patrol Studios

    Who It’s For

    In the eyes of our tester, the Lambda Steel is for virtually everyone — so long as you aren't often finding yourself piloting a plane or exploring the depths of the Mariana Trench. It hits all the right touch points of a high-quality watch well-worth investing in.


    If you appreciate good design, a slim profile and a watch that will run for 84 hours on the dot without needing to wind it, the Lambda Steel makes a strong case to be your everyday watch. It will often make you smile as you steal glances at it throughout the day, whether it be the Bauhaus typeface, enamel dial or impressive power reserve sub-dial and complication that belies its horological prowess.

    BUY NOW: $7,500

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