If You're Gonna Drop $50K on a Clock, Get This One

Hublot teamed up with L’Epée on a desktop version of the MECA-10.

hublot meca 10 clock
Laurent Xavier Moulin

Are you in need of a wall or desktop clock? Do you have $50,000 burning a hole in your pocket? If you answered "yes" to both of these questions, buckle up.

Hublot, as they no doubt frequently do, has answered your prayers: They teamed up with the brilliant clockmakers at L’Epée — the guys who designed this otherwordly thing — and built an oversize version of their 2016 MECA-10 movement into not a watch, but a clock. Skeletonized and manually wound, the MECA-10's insides are exposed and visible through the clock. And if you're worried about having to wind it each day, fear not — it's got a 10-day power reserve, as well as a power reserve display on the dial.

Four times larger than it's watch-sized earlier iteration, the new clock is roughly 20cm by 18cm and comes in two versions: one is satin-finished steel and transparent composite, while the second is black PVD-coated with coated gear trains and bridges. The winding crown on both clocks is located, as on its wristwatch predecessor, at 3 o'clock, and is coated in rubber for a solid grip.

Extremely limited, the new MECA-10 is available for a cool $47,400 for the steel version, or $50,050 for the black PVD version.

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