How to Be a Watch Guy

What you need to know to get the most out of watch collecting and ownership.

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Chris Wright

Are you struck by the coolness of dudes stopping in the middle of the street to take iPhone photos of their wrists? Do wonder how you can be more like them? Well, if you like watches then you're well on your way to being a "watch guy." All it really takes is an obsessive interest in these ticking little mechanisms — but the real question is how to get the most out of the hobby.

Watches are simple (and yet complex) little gadgets, but there's a lot involved in collecting and appreciating them. As much as it's a nerdy pursuit steeped in researching obscure reference numbers, it's also a vibrant social scene. What are the best ways to meet fellow enthusiasts, and what the hell is a "Kermit?" How can I remove scratches from a watch case myself, and where should I go to take care of issues that require a trained watchmaker?

These questions and more are answered in our How to Be a Watch Guy series, a collection of advice and information that serves as a reference for the newbie and veteran watch guy alike. It's also a fun read.

To Get More Out of Watch Collecting, Meet Other Collectors

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Chris Wright

The ins and outs of watch collector meetups.


How to Talk Watches: 26 Slang Terms Every Wannabe Expert Should Know

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Hunter Kelley

Our guide to watch slang will arm you with the lingo you need to sound like an expert and hang with the #watchfam.


How to Pick the Right Size Watch for You

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Cartier, Panerai, Rolex, IWC

You know those “rules” about which watch size is correct for your wrist? Forget about those.


Have You Fallen Out of Love with Your Watch? Why Not Trade for a New One

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Chris Wright

If you’re stuck with a watch you don’t wear, trading it for something you love may be the ticket.


How to Find a Watch Repair Shop You Can Trust

watch repair gear patrol full lead

It takes a bit of insider knowledge to find the right watchmaker.


Why Buying a “Frankenwatch” Is Part of Every True Watch Collector’s Journey

how to spot a fake watch gear patrol lead full
Arlington Watches

Getting duped — or at least taking a low-risk gamble — is part of the fun of becoming a collector.


How to Remove Scratches from a Stainless Steel Watch Case

grand seiko
Grand Seiko

Pesky little scratches on your shiny new watch are a bummer. Here's what to do about them.


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