The Ultimate Guide to Watches and Travel

From GMT and world time watches to tips and tricks for safety and enjoyment, here's all you need to know about traveling with watches.

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There are plenty of good reasons to consider the watch you take traveling: the right timepiece offers a sense of preparedness in a relatively unfamiliar environment; it can become part of lasting memories; and, of course, you want to catch planes, make meetings on time and beat jet lag.

Since travel forces you to select only the few items you'll be spending time with, you want to choose carefully. The right travel watch might be a dedicated tool with features specifically meant for tracking different time zones, one that's rugged and ready for adventure, or just one that you love and want as a travel companion. In the coverage below, we've got all you need to know about the watches that are best for day trips or globetrotting, as well as the tips, tricks, gear and solutions that'll enhance your excursions.

Travel is largely curtailed for many people around the world at the moment, of course, but we're optimistically looking forward to the chance to get away again. The following articles and the cool watches featured will get you ready and inspired to get back out there as soon as it's safe and responsible to do so.

These Are Our Favorite Adventure Watches of 2020


From rugged dive watches to world timers, these are some of the timepieces we want to take adventuring in 2021.


How to Pack and Travel with Your Watches

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Hunter D. Kelley

Let the watches you travel with enhance your memory-making and selfie-taking adventures.


The Best Cases, Rolls and Pouches for Traveling With Your Watches

watch roll roundup

Keep your beloved timepieces safe and orderly.


One Simple Feature Makes These 3 Watches Perfect for Traveling

tag heuer autavia chrono
Hodinkee Shop

A 12-hour rotating bezel is a handy way to track another time zone without the added cost of a GMT complication.


The 11 Best Mechanical Watches to Wear When Traveling

10 best mechanical watches for travel gear patrol lead full

Whether you’re driving coast to coast or flying from JFK to Narita, here are the watches that will keep you on time.


These Are Seven of the Most Affordable GMT Watches

best affordable gmt

GMT watches needn’t be bank-breaking. From big Swiss companies and upstart microbrands, here are 7 affordable GMTs.


Travel in Style with These Seven Incredible World Time Watches

best world time watches gear patrol lead full v2

World time watches allow you to see the current time in any place in the world with just a quick glance at your wrist.


What Makes Rolex's GMT-Master The Best Travel Watch Ever?

rolex gmt master ii

This two-timer from the jet age is technically and aesthetically the mother of all GMT watches.


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