This Black and Gold G-SHOCK G-STEEL Is One of the Brand’s Finest Watches

We spent a week with the G-SHOCK GSTB100GC-1A to see how it ticks.

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  • Brand: G-SHOCK
  • Product: GSTB100GC-1A
  • Price: $420
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    G-SHOCK needs no introduction. Since 1983, the brand has been crafting some of the most durable watches money can buy. Watches made by G-SHOCK have checked off countless achievements like being driven over by a 12-ton truck, flown to the International Space Station and have graced the wrists of countless celebrities from John Mayer to Spike Lee. For over 35 years, G-SHOCK watches have been praised for their durability. The brand's G-STEEL line, however, is a bit different. It's every bit as durable as a true G-SHOCK should be, but this line of watches — and in particular the new GSTB100GC-1A — takes that rugged durability and adds a layer of refinement to it.

    To test how the watch wears on the wrist, and how its features can improve daily life for the better, we put it to the test for a full week.

    What We Like

    Right out of the box, it's easy to see that G-SHOCK spared no expense with the GSTB100GC-1A. The brushed black highly scratch-resistant IP (ion-plated) bezel is immediately eye-catching as are the gold accents (also ion-plated). The IP bezel and accents, like the button pushes, are incredibly durable. G-SHOCK's method of ion-plating stainless steel results in a finish that is much more scratch-resistant than standard plating.

    But that's just what's immediately noticeable out of the box. With a watch touted for its durability, you'd expect it to be hefty to wear on the wrist — the GSTB100GC-1A is anything but. It's incredibly lightweight for a watch of its size, and G-SHOCK's ability to make a watch with a case size of 53.8mm wear significantly smaller and sleeker is nothing short of impressive. In fact, part of the reason that the GSTB100GC-1A wears smaller than other watches in the G-STEEL line is that it is slimmer than other watches in the G-STEEL line.

    The case size allows it to not only maintain its standard of durability (by leveraging a layer guard structure), but it also packs a fairly hefty list of features — six to be exact, not including the watch's ability to connect to the G-SHOCK Connected app.

    g shock
    Gear Patrol Studios

    In testing, we found the GSTB100GC-1A's chronograph function to be incredibly useful. As we spend more time in the kitchen and less time eating out, setting timers to make the perfect jammy egg, or hitting the exact timing for the ideal internal temp on a steak, was quick and easy.

    But a watch's many functions are only useful if the watch is on your wrist, and the GSTB100GC-1A was for the duration of our testing period. We found ourselves excited to put it on in the morning, eager to watch the turbine-inspired subdial on its face spin into action after going into sleep mode overnight to conserve power. The watch's quality and finish are excellent, and even those not attracted to rugged and durable watches will find a lot to love in the GSTB100GC-1A.

    Like all G-SHOCK watches, the GSTB100GC-1A is shock-resistant — a feature we tested more than a few times between fumbling to put it on and the pings and pangs of daily wear. Though we were unable to put G-SHOCK's claimed 200M of water resistance to the test, we have no reason to suspect the GSTB100GC-1A couldn't handle it, and we'll take G-SHOCK's word for it. To round out the watch, G-SHOCK fitted a super-bright LED that illuminates the watch face from between the six and seven indices.

    From the Brand

    "The new Bluetooth® solar-powered GSTB100GC-1A features an updated two-toned black colorway with redefined gold accents. This timepiece also comes equipped with premium design features such as a highly scratch-resistant black IP (ion plated) bezel with gold IP buttons and buckle to match the timepiece’s elevated gold accents."

    g shock
    Gear Patrol Studios

    Who It’s For

    The GSTB100GC-1A is for just about anyone looking for a rugged watch that can stand up to the rigors of daily life — and look refined while doing it. But the watch will find a particularly cozy home on the wrists of those who travel. Though that may be less of a concern now, the watch's automatic time setting via the G-SHOCK Connected app and the dual time (with home city time swapping), make it an adept companion for both business and leisure travel.


    The G-SHOCK GSTB100GC-1A could well be our favorite G-STEEL to date. Like the rest of the watches in the line, it's rugged and durable, two things we immediately look for in a daily driver. But it's also the most stylish and sleek watch G-SHOCK has released in the G-STEEL line to date. The black and gold colorway looks great with just about everything in your wardrobe, and will be sure to catch the eyes of your colleagues on your next conference call.

    Price: $420


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