Leffot Horween Leather NATO Watch Straps

No, it's not a tiny belt


Like a Navy Seal let loose in a haberdashery, the Leffot Horween Leather NATO watch straps ($225) look like they could perform double duty in a firefight and a cocktail hour with the Queen. NATO straps are becoming ever more popular among not just the watch cognoscenti but also in the mainstream crowd for their comfort and versatility. Leffot takes it one step further and instead of just making the usual nylon NATO strap, they take it up a few notches and use uber-soft Horween shell cordovan leather to come up with a tough and sophisticated version. In 18, 20, 22, and 24mm size widths, they’ll fit just about every watch in your collection (you are working on that, aren’t you?). In classy dark brown and rust colors, you’ll be mission and fashion ready.

Price: $225 (email to order)

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