A NASA-Branded Velcro Strap for Your Omega Speedmaster? Done

Just when you thought you'd outgrown Velcro, along come NASA-branded straps from Omega made especially for the Moonwatch.


Just when you thought you'd outgrown velcro, along come NASA-branded straps straight from Omega made especially for your Moonwatch. Yes, that loud ripping sound you identify with your first watch just might take on an entirely new appeal when it's attached to the very same watch models astronauts wore to the moon (and on many other space missions) over the years.

Instead of the long single-pass design that was built to NASA specifications (which was designed to fit over spacesuits), Omega's new version has a distinctive two-piece design: The short end features the NASA "meatball" logo, while the longer end has Speedmaster branding. Each attaches to spring bars, and the long end loops through the short end's keeper. Though quite different from the design of most straps on the market today, it should offer a very precise and comfortable fit.

The famous Moonwatch that accompanied the first humans to the moon in 1969 has been in production (and an irresistible value) ever since. In recent years, however, there have been efforts to offer an ever more faithful and authentic Moonwatch experience; this NASA strap paired with the latest-generation Speedmaster Professional watch featuring its upgraded 3861 movement is arguably as close as a modern watch can get you to those used on the historical space missions.

Omega's new strap will enhance Moonwatch ownership, but it's only part of a culture and cottage industry fetishizing the Speedmaster and NASA missions. (For example, you can now even get the Komfit bracelet on which NASA personnel were also known to wear their Speedmasters.) Available only in 20mm widths to fit the Speedmaster's lugs, the new Omega x NASA straps come in black, white and silver variations, at a price of $190 each.


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