Tudor Unveiled Its New Watches for 2021, and Nobody Saw Them Coming

New versions of the Black Bay Chrono and popular Fifty-Eight dive watch feature some unexpected twists.

tudor black bay chronograph watches and wonders 2021

This year, the Watches & Wonders Geneva trade show is once again an online event — only this time, it includes brands such as Rolex, Tudor, Patek Philippe and more. Check back here often for our coverage of this horological mega-show to see all the latest watches.

Tudor's new watches for 2021 are finally here, with chronograph and dive watches in the brand's flagship Black Bay collection the stars of the show. You wanted "panda dials?" Tudor delivered. Gold and sterling silver-cased dive watches? That was somewhat unexpected, but it seems just about everything looks good on the massively popular Black Bay Fifty-Eight.

As Rolex's sister brand and one of the hottest names in watchmaking, anticipation ran high, but it's safe to say not many people saw any of these watches coming from Tudor. Each of them offers a fun, retro-inspired aesthetic, and will of course offer the strong value and incredible quality the brand is loved for.


The New Black Bay Chrono for 2021

black and white watches on red background

The new Black Bay Chrono comes in "panda dial" versions

Contrasting black subdials on a white main dial is often colloquially called a "panda dial," while the opposite is a "reverse panda dial." The new Tudor Black Bay Chrono comes in both versions, and it looks pretty killer. With roots in motorsport, it's a look that was popular in the 1960s and is experiencing a resurgence — along with just about everything in watches from that era. Contrasting subdials have been found on models in the past like the two-tone S&G models, but black and white has a very classic, retro look.

white dial watch face

The Chrono's case is now thinner than ever — but other features are unchganged

Chronographs tend to be chunky due to their complicated movements, so every bit of thickness that can be shaved off is appreciated. The new Black Bay Chrono's case is now 14.4mm thick, but the 41mm diameter is the same as previous versions. The bezel is in black aluminum, and the movement inside is same the MT5813 which was jointly developed with Breitling.

Price: $4,900 (strap); $5,225 (bracelet)

The New Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925 and 18k Watches for 2021

silver watch with taupe dial
gold watch with green dial

They feature new case materials, including uncommon sterling silver

The "925" in the new Black Bay Fifty-Eight dive watch's name stands for sterling silver. Although often thought of as metal used in jewelry design, it's an unusual material for use in watch cases. In order to make it most appropriate for watches, Tudor uses its own proprietary (and undisclosed) alloy, but it's said to offer an especially "luminous" effect (distinguishing it from plain old stainless steel) and presumably avoids easy tarnishing. It's matched to a taupe dial and aluminum bezel, for a distinctive but warm look.

A second new model, simply called the Black Bay 18k, is rendered entirely in 18k gold and matched to a green dial and aluminum bezel. (The Black Bay Fifty-Eight has been popular for its 39mm case size that offers a better wearing experience for many than the standard Black Bay at 41mm.) The entire case of both the silver and gold models is rendered with a brushed finish.

A display case back shows off the in-house movement

gold watch with view of movement

Unlike other Black Bay dive watches, each of the new silver and gold Tudor Black Bay watches have case backs with a window displaying the excellent, COSC-chronometer-certified, in-house MT5400 automatic movement. Such a display case back poses some extra challenges to water resistance, but Tudor manages to maintain the perfectly dive-ready 200m rating. The price premium for silver above the impressive value proposition of steel isn't outrageous, either — but gold is, of course, significantly more expensive.

Price: $4,300 (silver); $16,800 (gold)


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