Timex's Cult-Hit Quartz Watch Goes Slightly Smaller, But Gets More Retro-Tastic Than Ever

It's still one of the most fun and affordable watches you'd actually want to wear.


We love Timex's Q series for several reasons. First and foremost, in a world where noses are often turned up at quartz watches in favor of expensive and antiquated mechanical technology, the Q is all about quartz pride, but we also love it because it offers about the most affordable, retro-tastic watches you can find.

Now, a set of new 36mm models of the Timex Q are further broadening this watch's appeal.

The four variations of this Timex seem to suggest the new 36mm watch collection is being positioned for women — but while three of the models pair pale dials with warm gold tones in what seems like a feminine matter, there's no need to be limited by binary designations, right?

Still, if you prefer conventional definitions of identity, the fourth watch — with a classic steel case and dark blue dial — certainly feels more gender-neutral. It'll work well for the slim-wristed, or the growing numbers of watch fans that prefer a vintage (i.e. smaller) wearing experience.

Shrinking case diameters has been one of the biggest watch industry trends in recent years coinciding with a boom in vintage styles and reissues. The existing Q watches are very much a part of that, recreating watches from the 1970s when quartz was something to advertise. At 38mm, the existing ones aren't huge, and offer a range of style options; still, for some, the new 36mm versions will hit that sweet spot even better.

With the same 1970s looks, vintage-style crystal, 12-hour rotating bezel and that cool-ass steel bracelet as the 38mm ones, the new 36mm watches offer the same features that make the overall collection an affordable favorite. Prices start at $179 and go up to $189 for models with gold-toned cases and bracelets.


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