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The Best Star Wars Watches, These Are

The Fourth is strong with this one.

cross studios death star tourbillon
Kross x Studio

At some point, May the Fourth became globally recognized as Star Wars Day and nearly as impossible to ignore as any other holiday. At least you're not forced to go gift shopping and rather only need to endure the pun on the film's famous "may the Force be with you" line: "May the Fourth be with you." Netizens will also be presented with other movie references and merchandise, which is fun for the classic franchise's many fans.

You won't be too surprised to learn that even some watchmakers have taken on this sci-fi universe as a design theme, using it to inspire everything from affordable watches to some rather high-end, esoteric examples. Maybe you're a serious enthusiast who would wear your fandom on your sleeve in the form of a wristwatch, or maybe you're just curious what a Star Wars watch would look like. In either case, and in the spirit of the season, we present you with a selection of the watch world's contribution to Star Wars fandom on this May 4.

Citizen Rebel Pilot and Trench Run

citizen rebel pilot and trench run

Citizen has an entire collection of Star Wars watches currently comprising no fewer than 15 models, but it's the two newest ones that are coolest. They're based on the brand's ana-digi watches from the 1980s, which almost look as if they'd naturally fit into the now retro-futuristic fictional universe of the films anyway. The models called Rebel Pilot and Trench Run are each crammed with references, logos and motifs from the spacecraft.

Price: $350-$375


Garmin Legacy Saga Darth Vader and Rey Watches

garmin legacy saga darth vader and rey watches

Smartwatches' range of face options only add more opportunities to incorporate Star Wars motifs. For Garmin's interpretation of the theme, the brand has taken its robust fitness-focused watches and given two models a Lucas treatment, with a 45mm, all-black Darth Vader watch and a 40mm Rey watch in white. You'll find branding and references to each respective character from the case back to the strap, as well as on screen designs, graphics and goal animations.

Price: $400


Oris Star Wars Limited Edition Set

oris star wars limited edition set

Somewhat out of character for the Swiss brand better known for down-t0-earth tool watches was a 2019 limited-edition set: It comprised two watches based on the brand's dive watch collection and both were themed on The Empire (i.e. the bad guys) from the story. The first is a totally blacked-out version of its ProDiver model in titanium, while the second is based on the distinctive black and white armor/uniforms of the films' stormtroopers.

Price: $6,900


Kross Studio Death Star Tourbillon

cross studios death star tourbillon

Swiss design studio and manufacturer Kross recently released what might be the ultimate Star Wars tribute watch with its Death Star Tourbillon. Crafted in high watchmaking tradition, the watch features an exposed movement with a tourbillon visible at its dial's center covered by a Death-Star-shaped cage. It ships in a meticulously created reproduction of the armored crates used to transport "kyber crystals" in the films, and the set includes an actual kyber crystal prop that was used on-screen.

Price: $150,000


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