This Indie Brand's Colorful New Watches Are Like Nothing We've Ever Seen

Israeli watchmaker Itay Noy introduces new takes on his creative watchmaking concepts.


Don't expect anything from Israeli independent watchmaker Itay Noy that either looks or functions like a traditional timepiece. Employing his own artistic twist on horology, Noy's latest creations are colorful takes on existing watches that are striking both for their looks and creativity.

Both new Color Wheel watches sport a stark white face and rainbow theme expressed as the date and as the hours, respectively. It might not be obvious exactly how the Color Wheel Hour — which is based upon the Itay Noy's Time Tone collection — works, or how the time is read simply by looking at a still image.

Once you get the hang of it, however, the watch is easy to use: the 12 large, vibrant dots are not simply markers but themselves move around the dial to indicate the current hour. (The concept is that the owner chooses the color he or she wants to represent the current hour.) Look closely, and you'll notice there are white-on-white indices and hands to more traditionally mark the minutes (with a red dot at the tip) and seconds.

Itay Noy Color Wheel Month
Vaucher VMF 5400 Automatic Movement

The Color Wheel Month (Full Month collection), on the other hand, is slightly more traditional in some senses. Whereas you'll most commonly find a date window at 3 or 6 o'clock (sometimes the dreaded 4:30) displaying the number on a disc beneath the dial, Itay Noy's uses 15 windows.

The date itself can be read most easily at around 3:30 due to spacing that separates it from the next number, but the other even or odd days of the month can all be seen simultaneously in progressive tones of the rainbow. There are no hour markers, and a tiny seconds hand is visible around 7 o'clock.

Itay Noy not only invents these unusual concepts, but largely executes them himself at his workshop in Jaffa, Israel — from the cases and dials to in-house modules and movement modifications. The Color Wheel watches both use sourced automatic movements, with the Hour model measuring 44mm and the Month model at 40mm wide.

As every watch is individually produced, the Color Wheel collections will be limited to only 24 examples each (with its number indicated at the bottom of the dial) and must be ordered directly from Itay Noy. Prices are disclosed on request only, but expect to pay around $6,000 if you want to take one home.


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