This Mechanical Watch Can Tell You What Time the Sun Rises and Sets Anywhere in the World

Unsurprisingly, it comes at a price.


This is a $618,000 watch. It’s a one-off project by respected indie watchmaker Rémi Maillat. It is comprised of 595 components and can do something no other watch in the world can do: It can tell you what time the sun rises and sets anywhere in the world.

Mechanical watches that can indicate sunrise and sunset are not completely unheard of (here’s a Martin Braun watch that can do just that) but because the rising and setting of the sun is dependent upon not just the time of year, but also your location in the world, traditionally these watches need to be set to a specific location (making the function useless if you’re traveling). The Everywhere, however, is adjustable. The user can enter their current latitude, longitude, date and timezone via the pusher at 8 o’clock and watch’s crown. When all is properly set, the watch automatically calculates the sunset and sunrise times.

Naturally, it’s a complicated beast, and it’s impressive that Maillat was able to display so much information on such an elegant dial. More impressive, though, is the fact that despite its mechanical complexity (and the fact that it is automatically winding), the watch is only 42mm in diameter and 11.7mm thick. The watch is available with either a white or pink gold case, and only five will be made every year.

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