You Can Now Buy a COSC-Certified Dive Watch for Under $1,000

You’ll just have to act quickly.

Here’s a fun fact: Only about 6 percent of watches made in Switzerland come with a COSC chronometer certification (to the uninitiated, that means it’s accurate to within -4/+6 seconds per day). Perhaps unsurprisingly, these watches have historically come at a premium; but in the last year or so we’ve seen some more affordable chronometers like the Longines Record or Tissot Ballade. Now, though, online watch brand Christopher Ward is offering a limited-edition chronometer version of its heavy-hitting Trident Diver.

Ticking away inside the Trident’s 43mm stainless steel case is a COSC-certified version of a Sellita SW200 automatic, but you should be excited about more than the upgrade in accuracy. The watch is submersible to an incredible 600 meters, and the watch comes with a black bezel made from zirconia. An etched wave pattern adorns the white dial and little instances of red on the seconds hand and at the 12 o’clock position on the bezel add a nice, subtle pop of color. Christopher Ward only plans to make 200 watches — 100 with either a rubber, NATO or leather strap option, and the other 100 with a steel bracelet — and prices start at just $985.

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