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Timex Is Making an Aluminum Field Watch and It Costs Less Than $100

Your new favorite dirt-cheap timepiece is here.

Though some Timexes throughout history have been purchased and issued by the US military, there was only ever one Timex actually built to military specification. It’s the Timex MIL-W-46374B, and it was made for two months in 1982, was cased up in plastic and designed specifically to be disposed of once it stopped working rather than repaired. It’s an interesting footnote of timekeeping history, once Timex is ostensibly celebrating with a new model, albeit with one key difference: It’s not made out of plastic this time around.

The MK1 Aluminum apes the same basic look as the MIL-W-46374B with a simple shape and a utilitarian 24-hour dial, but forgoes the plastic for a 40mm case made from anodized aluminum available in four different colors (blue, black olive and silver-tone). The rest of the watch is fairly standard for Timex. It has Indiglo illumination, a nylon strap, a quartz movement and has a 100-meter depth rating. Best of all it’s cheap. Really cheap. $69.

The watch is available exclusively through UK-based style retailer END Clothing for August but will go on sale on Timex’s website starting in September.

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