3 Vetted and Tested Vintage Timepieces

Filled with history and style.


All timepieces contain stories; vintage watches contain undeniably better ones. But buying a vintage watch can be tricky; ensuring authenticity, value and condition are not always easy. We partnered with the experts at Analog/Shift to remove that difficulty, curating only vetted, tested and ready-to-wear timepieces in the Gear Patrol Store. Below are three watches selected by a Gear Patrol editor with fall wardrobes in mind. Check out some of the storied, classic timepieces below, and think about making one of them a new addition to your wrist.

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Omega Speedmaster Professional


This newly vintage collector’s staple has a long history; versions of it have appeared on the wrists of Buzz Aldrin and other NASA astronauts. It’s in excellent condition, with minimal patina and signs of wear.

Buy Now: $4,850

Doxa Sub 300T Sharkhunter


This DOXA diver is sturdy, wearable and easy to read. The color of the nylon strap is well suited to fall, and it comes with a spare strap, too.

Buy Now: $2,650

Rolex GMT Master


This vintage Rolex is another favorite among NASA astronauts and pilots, and just one step removed from the original owner. Even the patina is iconic: notice the “ghosted” Pepsi bezel.


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