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Elvis Presley Loved Watches. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for These Special Ones in 'Elvis'

A historically accurate portrayal will feature The King’s famously wild wristwear.

elvis presley looking at a watch on his wrist
Jake’s Rolex World

Debuting today, a new film portrays the life of a rock 'n' roll singer you might have heard of, Elvis Presley. Much about the superstar's life and style are legendary, but if the Baz Luhrmann-directed movie Elvis aims to be accurate, you just might catch a glimpse of some interesting watches on The King's wrist.

We can't confirm what will actually appear in the movie, but we do know that Elvis liked watches and had a lot of them — from a Rolex Submariner to an Omega x Tiffany, a gold-and-diamond-decked Ebel and more. From his early days and soldier days to his Hollywood career and notoriously flamboyant tastes, here are the three watches the singer is most famously associated with.

Hamilton Ventura

two tone gold and black hamilton watch

By far, the Hamilton Ventura is the watch The King is best known for. Everything about Elvis was pushing the boundaries of his time, so a forward-thinking watch like the Ventura fit his personality well. It was the first ever electric watch (read all about it here), and its avant-garde design emphasized its then-futuristic technology. When Elvis wore it in the 1961 film Blue Hawaii it helped bring fame to the watch itself. Hamilton still has a full collection, including quartz Ventura models that feel true to the original.

Omega Constellation

omega watch

Probably one of the least eccentric watches Elvis ever wore, this unassuming Omega Constellation dating to around 1960 can be seen in a number of old Elvis photos matched to military uniforms. With a traditional design, gold case and manually wound 504 chronometer movement, little else about this watch is remarkable — aside from that it was chosen and worn extensively by Elvis Presley. Something interesting about Elvis was his generosity and propensity to gift watches — he eventually passed this watch on to his good buddy and guitarist Charlie Hodge, and it's come up for auction a couple times since.

Rolex King Midas

gold rolex watch
Bulang & Sons

This Rolex has a double celebrity connection: if Elvis is the king of rock 'n' roll, then Gerald Genta is the king of modern luxury watch design. And the watch's name, King Midas, seems to fit — though it refers to the Greek myth, of course, being full 18k gold and with a case shape inspired by a Greek temple. Elvis clearly loved his gold watches. This is surely one of the funkiest watches Rolex ever made and the only one that Genta ever designed, and they were produced in very limited quantities.

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