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G-Shock’s Move Upmarket Is Led by Advanced Materials and Connected Technology

As G-Shocks have risen from humble time-tellers to style icons, the brand is upping its ante.



Since the beginning, G-Shocks were meant to be affordable — but durable — time-telling devices. Superlative shock and water resistance bolstered by tough resin cases certainly helped, but as G-Shocks have risen from humble time-tellers to style icons, G-Shock has gradually upped the ante. Higher-end materials. Ornate finishings. More features and technology. Perhaps the best example of this gradual evolution is the brand’s MR-G series, and one of its latest additions, the MRGG2000CB “Kurozonae.”

Inside the Kurazone’s case rests a tech-packed movement. The Connected Engine module is a quartz-based movement and features dual-time and calendar displays on the dial, but it also connects wirelessly to accurate timekeepers via GPS, radio waves and Bluetooth smartphone connection. It allows the Kurazone to continuously update itself to the correct time via satellites, atomic timekeeping signals and your smartphone clock. That Bluetooth connection also gives the wearer access to G-Shock’s connected app, expanding the watch’s functionality by allowing you to seamlessly switch the world time function between 300 different world cities and check the battery level on the solar-charged movement. Not to mention, the MR-G Connected App also allows access to a 5-year digital warranty.

Thanks to the Tough Solar capability, once that movement has a full charge, it can operate for up to 23 months in total darkness with the help of a power saving function. This being a G-Shock there are loads of other features that make this a durable, practical piece. It has a 200-meter depth rating which puts it up there with dive watches in terms of water resistance. And thanks to clever engineering — like a shock absorbing material embedded into the crown and pusher structures and a magnetic resistant plate installed on the watch module — it’s considerably more shock- and magnetic-resistant than many other timepieces.

Like other entries into the MR-G series, the bulk of this model is made from tough titanium. The Kurozonae name is a reference to the “Black Guard” samurais of old, who were outfitted with black armor. The case also is equipped with a non-reflective sapphire crystal and a diamond-like coating (DLC) giving it both a sleek finish and superior resistance to dings and scratches.

Further adding to the Kurazone’s stealthy aesthetic and tough build is the unique bezel. It’s crafted from a Japanese-engineered alloy called Cobarion, a cobalt-based alloy that has already seen use in the biomedical industry for its extreme hardness — about twice as much as stainless steel. It also happens to be conducive to an illustrious, platinum-like sheen. The bezel’s been meticulously shaped and polished by G-Shock’s watchmakers and adds a beautiful flourish to the watch that’s still true to the brand’s ultra-tough ethos.

The G-Shock MRGG2000CB Kurozonae signifies the brand’s entry into the luxury watch space, but at its core it retains all that made the G-Shock brand great to begin with: a rugged build, technologically advanced innards and a bold design language. And by adding a stealthy, scratch-resistant exterior with an advanced alloy as decoration, it brings the humble G-Shock upmarket in the most G-Shock way imaginable: through relentless innovation.

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