Nomos Makes A Vintage-Inspired Watch To Celebrate 100 Years of Bauhaus Design

Only 900 watches will be made, though.

In 1919, Staatliches Bauhaus opened its doors, but by 1933, it’d closed under pressure from the Nazi regime. The school’s operations were ultimately short-lived, but it’s influence on design, and its “less is more” ethos has proven long-lasting, informing the look of everything from Apple computers to contemporary furniture. Bauhaus design has permeated the watch industry, too, no doubt much in thanks to Nomos and its adherence to the school’s guiding principles and early work — the brand’s iconic Tangente, for example, is influenced by a design from the Bauhaus era.

Naturally, as the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus’s opening approaches, Nomos is celebrating with a limited edition watch, and there’s no more fitting vessel than the Tangente. The resulting Tangente Bauhaus features much of what made the model a smashing success in the first place — the slim, minimalist case and the elongated Arabic numerals, for example — but adds some vintage-inspired detail, such as a dial color in a faded beige that the brand likens to the color of a sketchpad. Meanwhile, the chapter ring, which runs around the outside of the dial and contains the minute markings, is available in red, yellow or blue, which Nomos says aids in legibility. The overall look, is, according to Nomos, inspired by the sketches of Bauhaus artist Paul Klee.

The watch is available in three sizes — 33mm, 35mm and 38mm — and each model will feature Nomos’s Alpha hand-winding movement. Nomos will only make 100 examples of each size and color combo (900 pieces overall) and they’ll be available for purchase later this month at Nomos retailers. The brand hasn’t yet listed a price, but says the watch will come with “a generous 100th-anniversary discount.”

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