This Bold Bell & Ross Chronograph Has Supersonic Origins

The limited-edition Bell & Ross BR-X1 Military chronograph was born from a lineage of the first supersonic flight and stealth fighter planes.

In 1947, the Bell X-1, manned by legendary pilot Chuck Yeager, became the first American rocket engine-powered aircraft to break the sound barrier. It laid the groundwork for the hypersonic aeronautical technologies found within stealth fighter planes in the sky today.

Some of the most technically advanced machines humans have ever built, these aircraft are designed to go nearly undetected by radar at high speeds. This ethos of high-performance, precision and reliability is the foundation for the limited-edition BR-X1 Military timepiece from Bell & Ross.

“The BR-X1 is indicative of our desire to always innovate and meet new challenges,” Bell & Ross Creative Director Bruno Belamich says. “[It] was created to push the boundaries in terms of design, watchmaking and technical sophistication.”

This philosophy puts the BR-X1 at the forefront of Bell & Ross’s Experimental Collection. As Belamich notes, “With this range, we have demonstrated a passion for the very latest technology and developed highly complex mechanisms for our watches. It also opened up a vast potential for creativity, mostly in customization, using a combination of materials makes the possibilities endless.”


That commitment to unconventional materials is evident in the 45mm case of this unique skeleton chronograph formed from a modification of Titanium Grade 5 alloy. The result is a subtlely hued, matte khaki high resistance titanium (HRT), an ultra-tough and corrosion-resistant material. Both lightweight and highly resilient, this military-inspired timepiece is complete with a perforated black rubber strap and luminous green display.

“Our BR-X1 Military displays an avant-gardism and bold design with high-end finishes,” Belamich notes. “The BR-X1 Military is one of the most sophisticated models in our current collection and is the perfect synthesis of Bell & Ross’s expertise in creating professional, greatly complex watches.”

Limited to only 250 pieces, the BR-X1 Military is a watch that certainly will not go undetected on the wrist.

Buy Now: $23,000

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