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Timex Adventure Series Tide Temp Compass

No tsunami function


Timex has come a long way since the 60’s and 70’s and the “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking” slogan. From their now broad Adventure Series comes the unique Timex Tide Temp Compass ($170) watch. Not just a chronometer but a multifunction analog timepiece that is has a bona fide tide tracker, temperature sensor and compass all via the multi-function fourth hand. But does it actually work? We donned one and tested it ourselves.

First of all, let’s talk about looks and comfort. For its price point, it definitely looks more expensive. The not overly complicated face looks good and the black case we had even looked decent with a dark sportcoat. We were blown away by the rubber strap’s easiness on the wrist. It can be worn for hours unnoticed due to both the strap and smooth caseback. But these factors are not what makes this watch different. After calibrating the compass and the tide tracker via the somewhat labyrinthine owner’s manual, we were able to pretty much accurately track the tides, both low and high, as well as time to the next tide. The accurate positioning via the compass also came in handy on our hikes and the temperature sensor was pretty much dead on, as long as we didn’t play with the watch too much. The somewhat busy face can be hard to read at a quick glance, but once you get used to the configuration, the gadgetry factor takes on its appeal. Finally, it does come with mineral crystal glass, which prevents scratching and impact and the subtle Indiglo feature will ensure that you can tell what the heck you’re doing in the dark (on your expedition, that is). Just don’t count on it to save you from the “big one.”

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