A Fitness Watch Built to G-SHOCK’s Standards for Less Than $100

The GBD800-1 from G-SHOCK is a combination of G-SHOCK’s legendary toughness and style mixed with fitness tracking capabilities.

Since day one, G-SHOCK has had high standards for durability and toughness. Anyone who buys one knows they are getting a watch that will stand up to any rigors on Earth. And over the years, G-SHOCK has translated that legendary ruggedness into different watch categories to meet the needs of more individuals.

The GBD800-1 is an extension of that philosophy as the latest addition to the Men’s Power Trainer Series. It is a fitness tracking timepiece capable of everything you’d expect from a G-SHOCK while bringing the benefits of daily health and fitness support. The new watch/fitness tracker is a progression of the GBA800 that was released earlier in 2018.


Where the GBD800-1 builds on the GBA800 is the digital display. The GBA800 is a hybrid analog with two hands showing the time and a digital readout underneath. Whereas the newest Men’s Power Trainer Series watch gets a re-designed, multi-segment digital display to improve readability and operation during physical activity. The LCD screen has three sections with a digital dial in the upper right. Each display area shows different measurements, timekeeping and other useful data about your daily activities.

A 3-axis accelerometer keeps track of every step you take and breaks down daily steps taken in five metabolic equivalent levels while the Multi-Timer function is useful for interval workouts and can set up to five different times. With this, you can create up to 20 timer combinations. And a built-in stopwatch boasts a 200 lap record memory.

This data is helpfully sent directly to your phone through the G-SHOCK Connected App to help enhance workouts. The app also provides parsed-out information and graphs like step count logs with five exercise intensity levels to calculate calories you’ve burned.

As has been the case with other connected G-SHOCK watches, Bluetooth Mobile Link pairs the timepiece to your smartphone through the G-SHOCK Connected App. This powers functions like the phone finder and automatic time updates that G-SHOCK builds into nearly all its watches.


While it’s a fitness tracker, it’s also inherently a G-SHOCK. That means it sports superior shock resistance, 200m of water-resistance and an auto LED backlight. The 15-hole band is designed to enable fine adjustments. The case is equipped with a particular case back protector to assure a comfortable fit on the wrist during any movement.

The GBD800-1 is a fitness tracker placed in a watch that offers the G-SHOCK signature toughness and style. This makes it much more pleasing on the wrist than other fitness trackers that can be oddly shaped and missing the pleasing aesthetics from a long-standing watchmaker. And with a starting price at less than $100, it’s a sure-to-please option for those in search of a durable watch that doubles as a fitness tracker.

Buy Now: $99

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