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This Box Club Sends You a New Watch Every Month

Watch Gang is a monthly watch club that offers members an affordable way to cultivate a watch collection fit to their style.


Building a watch collection is no small feat. It can take years (and lots of paychecks) to acquire your personal favorites. And the industry does not stand still — there are always innovations and timepieces being developed and released every single day.

Watch Gang has shipped over 500,000 watches and given away over 400 Rolex, TAG Heuer, and Seiko watches. The watch club is an alternative solution to the significant expenditure that comes with collecting watches. Membership to Watch Gang is free, and the additional subscription service provides a convenient and affordable opportunity for anyone who wants to discover and own new timepieces on a recurring basis. While it’s a mystery watch club, subscribers share their preferences of styles to receive something that fits their taste each month.

Watch Gang works directly with watchmakers to offer a wide array of top-notch inventory and three subscription tiers for any budget. Unlike rental subscription services, Watch Gang subscribers keep their monthly timepieces and get a host of benefits like being eligible for weekly giveaways of Rolex, Seiko and TAG Heuer timepieces.

Maybe you want to expand your taste in watches, perhaps you want to have different watches for different days of the week — whatever the case may be, Watch Gang is one of the most affordable ways to go about it.

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Direct Partnerships With Watch Brands

Watch Gang has brokered direct partnerships with watch brands to offer a vast inventory of high-quality timepieces subscribers get to keep. This includes brands like Seiko, Citizen, Orient, Oris, Boldr and others. Every watch is also guaranteed to be 100 percent authentic and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This direct relationship cuts out the middle man and can save subscribers up to 70 percent off retail.

Subscription Tiers

While membership to Watch Club is free (which gives access to the watch exchange and some exclusive inventory), there are three paid subscription tiers to fit into any budget for monthly watches. You first start by sharing examples of watches and your preferences. Then you sign up for one of the three tiers:

Original Tier (trendy and stylish): $50 per month for watches worth up to $150
Black Tier (most popular): $100 per month for watches worth up to $500
Platinum Tier (super luxury): $300 per month for watches worth up to $1,500

All watches are guaranteed to be worth up to five times what you pay, so it always ends up being a fantastic value.

Subscriber Benefits

Paid subscribers get to keep each watch they’re sent. And all members have access to a private watch community of over 30k+ members where you can buy, sell or trade watches. Since Watch Gang partners directly with watch brands, members also get instant access to a watch inventory you won’t find anywhere else. And all members with a paid subscription are automatically eligible to win a TAG Heuer on Tuesdays, a Rolex on Fridays and a Seiko on Saturdays.

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