These Weirdly Shaped Vintage Sport Watches Would Be Unthinkable Today

No way would modern watch companies try to pull off idiocyncratic shapes and wild designs like the three ’60s & ’70s sport watches we found.

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A watch with a colorful dial or strap can be eye-catching, but even seemingly daring designs are usually within the frame of conventional case shapes, be they round, tonneau, or otherwise. It’s hard for watch companies to pull off successfully, but that’s exactly why the occasional oddball watch case with an unexpected silhouette has the potential to stand out as something special. Some of the most iconic watches are of this sort — think of the Omega PloProf, the once-futuristic-looking Hamilton Ventura, or the twisted Cartier Crash, to name a few. Below are three examples of watches that didn’t go down in history the way the above mentioned ones did, but will nonetheless cast a striking profile on the wrist.

Le Jour Chronograph


What We Like: Not only is this square watch with squared-off corners big and unusually shaped, but its dial is busy with chronograph displays and vibrant colors. The dial is one shared with Royce watches, but it is much less common to be found with the Swiss brand Le Jour’s name on the dial. With a 39mm case the Le Jour Chronograph is large for its time but should wear similarly to, say, the modern TAG Heuer Monaco rerelease with the same diameter.

From the Seller: The Valjoux 7734 manual winding chronograph movement was cleaned and is working perfectly. There is some slight wear on the case edges.

Buy Now: $950

Zaigor Lifetimer Bullhead


What We Like: Possibly the strangest watch you will see this week, with a name you may have never heard and may never hear again, feast your eyes on the Zaigor Lifetimer Bullhead Chronograph. “Bullhead” is the name for the type of chronograph that places the crown and pushers at 12 o’clock, kind of resembling bull horns. Those from Omega and Seiko are particularly well-known, but here we have one that breaks the mold of an already eccentric watch style. It will take the right kind of watch fan to pull something like this off, but it’s sure to be a conversation-starter.

From the Seller: Extremely rare Vintage Bullhead Chronograph by Zaigor with Valjoux 7734 in original unworn condition.

Buy Now: ~$1,250

Omega Skin Diver


What We Like: Omega has at least a few unconventionally shaped watches in its back catalog, but this Skin Diver from 1973 is one you don’t see very often. The strange case, with its protruding sides, hardly exists elsewhere in the watch world, and it’s actually wider at 43mm than its lug-to-lug length of only 39mm. Inside is an Omega 1481 automatic movement (produced with Tissot), and its steel bezel and simple, monochrome dial amount to unique look.

From the Seller: Case, dial, and movement all original and in excellent condition. Comes with original Omega stainless steel bracelet.

Buy Now: $2,050

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