Timekeeping: Omega Spacemaster Z-33

Boldly goes where no one has gone before

Housed in a retro-styled titanium case that evokes their classic Flightmaster pilot’s watches from the 70’s, the new Omega Spacemaster Z-33 cannot be mistaken for anything else; namely a purpose-built pilot’s watch from a company known for pushing boundaries. Don’t let its face fool you, though; the Z-33 is a 21st century watch through-and-through, and to this end it sports the latest in quartz technology under the hood.


The caliber 5666 movement powering the Z-33 is unique to the brand, and was designed from the ground up with the needs of professional pilots in mind. In addition to the de rigueur stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm and separate time zones, it also features a fully programmable flight log recorder as well as UTC time. What’s more, this information is presented on twin digital displays that utilize transreflective technology that optimizes their legibility regardless of lighting conditions. An on-board ambient light sensor constantly monitors available light and adjusts the display accordingly to ensure that the Z-33 can be read as easily in broad daylight as it can in a dimly lit cockpit.

And what of accuracy? Omega has that covered with a thermocompensation circuit that adjusts the rate of the movement to account for changes in temperature that could negatively effect timekeeping. This addresses a common complaint levied against its direct predecessor, the X-33 “Mars watch”, which lacked this feature. Expect to gain or lose no more than 10 seconds per year.

It’s big, it’s bold and it has the heritage and technology backing it up. Like the iconic Speedmaster “Moon watch” and the X-33 that followed, the Spacemaster Z-33 reestablishes Omega’s status as a leading manufacturer of specialized pilot’s watches. Look for a price around $5,900.

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