Our Last Run of the Gear Patrol x Hamilton Watch Is Now Available

The Gear Patrol Special Edition watch is a go-anywhere, do-anything diver designed by Gear Patrol and produced by Hamilton and it's back in stock for the last time.

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Gear Patrol Studios

Just about every watch guy has, at one time or another, wanted to design his own watch. We’re no different. So when Hamilton approached us about doing a collaboration watch, our collective watch geek genes lit up like horological Christmas trees. We knew that we wanted something robust; capable of riding shotgun on some serious adventures. We also wanted to build something sleek, with a subtle overall look that would be at home in an array of environments. But we also wanted to make a special and distinct watch that felt like Gear Patrol.

Fortunately for us, Hamilton’s lineup of watches is diverse and we were able to find the perfect base model on which to riff. The Khaki Navy Scuba Auto was an easy choice. The sturdy 40mm steel case, screw-down crown, quickset date and uni-directional ratcheting bezel make the Khaki Navy Scuba Auto rugged and utilitarian. With 100m depth rating, it’s got everything you need for plunge beneath the waves yet isn’t a technical diver. And ringing in well under $1,000, it’s the kind of watch you can wear hard and not worry about.

While we built this watch with Hamilton in 2018, we've recently restocked it at the Gear Patrol Store for the last time.

Price: $745


A Unique Design

Gear Patrol has always had a foot in the outdoors. Since our early days, we’ve nodded to our wilder side with a touch of blaze orange. To some, the blaze is a marker, a guide, a signal. The orange sweep hand on this watch is at once an homage to our origins and a message to the wearer: find your path, pursue your passion. Against the spartan black dial and bezel, it’s a playful splash of color that turns a standard diver into a unique timepiece.

First of Its Kind

During the process, we learned that Hamilton had never before modified one of its existing models. But rather than shy away, Hamilton championed our design and made brand history; the Khaki Navy Scuba Auto Gear Patrol Edition is the first customized in-line watch produced by the brand. It’s even got a unique model number. We ensured the watch’s versatility by offering it with both a stainless steel bracelet and nylon NATO-style strap.

Everyday Wearer

If you’re just getting into watches and looking for your first mechanical tool watch, or if you’re a hardened watch guy looking for a great everyday wearer, look no further. The Gear Patrol Special Edition is the go-anywhere, do-anything watch you’ll want on your wrist.


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