This New Special Edition Mt. Everest Watch Is Focused on Sustainability

One Eleven just dropped special edition Everest Watches.


There are plenty of watches suited for the outdoors, but few brands embody the ideals of outdoor adventure with such a sustainable lens as One Eleven. Every One Eleven watch starts with a high quality, solar-powered movement that continually charges in both natural and artificial light. That way you can keep time without disposing of harmful batteries that are toxic to our planet. But it isn’t just the movements that are set on sustainability. All of One Eleven’s watch straps are made from fabric crafted from recycled plastic bottles — even the case is manufactured from plant-based castor oil plastic. The packaging of One Eleven’s watches is eco-friendly as well and is made from 100 percent recycled paper & non-toxic inks. All of it adds up to create uniquely sustainable watches you can use on the trail and feel like you are helping, not hurting, mother nature.


OneEleven just dropped its own special edition Everest Watch Collection. Pulling on inspiration from the iconic mountain and the surrounding Himalayan community, One Eleven’s 42mm solar-powered SWII watches will pop on your wrist. The watch bands are based on five colors of Tibetan prayer flags representing the five elements of nature. These individually numbered watches were also made in collaboration with Do Good Shit. The organization, which was started on the side of Mount Everest, is focused on implementing long-lasting solutions to waste management problems in alpine recreation areas and mountain communities around the world. You’ll find a reminder from Do Good Shit and an image of Mount Everest both etched on the case back. These watches are a tribute to mountaineering and the rugged local culture of Everest and should inspire you to get outdoors for yourself — and how we can all work together to do good for our planet.

Buy Now: $75

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