Seiko’s Hardcore Luxury Diver Is Equally Rugged and Sophisticated

Seiko borrows luxury elements from the renowned Grand Seiko brand to create a tool watch that’s equal parts rugged and sophisticated.

Chase Pellerin

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What We Like: Zaratsu polishing, similar to a 10th-century finishing technique used on Japanese samurai swords, brings subtle refinement to the titanium case, while Seiko’s brilliant Spring Drive technology offers quartz accuracy in an automatic mechanical movement. More on the Seiko Prospex LX line here.

Watch Out For: Lightweight titanium notwithstanding, the case has an outsized wrist presence thanks to its 44.5mm size. And forget your budget: with this price tag, this is a different Seiko entirely than the brand known for affordable beater watches.

Other Options: Omega’s Planet Ocean delivers not just excellent build quality but a prestigious name and starts at around $6,550. Then there’s the Oris Aquis Depth Guage, another hardcore luxury diver, for just $3,600. However, Seiko’s Spring Drive movements have no direct competitor.

Quick Take: Further proof Seiko can craft true luxury timepieces, but an odd choice of category; for a brand beloved for overbuilt and underpriced dive watches, it’s still unclear who would opt for such a subtle flex.

Price: $6,000

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