Getting Nitty Gritty with the Nixon Ripley

The Nixon Ripley is a watch that was built to suit you no matter where you are — from the city streets to tree-lined trails.


If you’re like most of us here, you probably like to split time between the metropolis you live in and the countryside you long to explore. The Nixon Ripley is a watch that was built to let you do both — all without having to take the watch off of your wrist. With digital and analog displays that can be easily toggled, you can always do both. The Ripley has some serious outdoor chops, and is chock-full of features that make it perfectly suited for the adventurous life you lead — or at least you want to lead. We took a look at some of the details behind the Ripley to show off why it’s such a great companion from the city streets to tree-lined paths.


1. Easily Switch from Analog to Digital: With a simple button push, you can change what kind of watch you’re wearing. The City Mode allows the more polished analog time to shine while digital Adventure Mode activates the digital functions of the Ripley.

2. All the Data You Need on Your Wrist: While engaged in Adventure mode, the Ripley will show your altitude, temperature readout, a dual chronograph, day and date, a second time and of course, an alarm. With all of that, The Ripley will always have a place on your packing list.

3. Built to Last: Equipped with a 100-meter waterproof rating, reinforced shock-resistant module and stainless steel top plate, you can be sure the Ripley can take a beating. It also cleans up well for city life with the black or matte gunmetal finishes that give it a nice edge that isn’t too dressy.

Buy Now: $200

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