Panerai’s Goldtech Gives Its Submersible Glint and Grit

Panerai has seemingly endless variations of watches formed in its classic design language.



Panerai has seemingly endless variations of watches formed in its classic design language. Subtle yet important differences set them apart, but each stays true to the rich heritage of Panerai. One such example is the Submersible Goldtech. With all the design elements and ruggedness you would expect from a Panerai, the Submersible Goldtech looks elevated yet ready to go for a swim. With a variety of ways to kit out the Submersible, you can easily make it your own from the strap color to the buckle type. We took a look under the dial to see what makes the Panerai Submersible the timeless diver it is, and what’s behind the glint and grit of the Goldtech used to craft this timepiece.


1. The Professional Diver’s Instrument: In keeping with Panerai’s historic lineage as an underwater tool for Italian Navy Comandos, the Submersible is water-resistant to 100 meters and features a unidirectional rotating bezel for accurately measuring immersion time.

2. Goldtech Material: Panerai uses a special alloy, different from standard gold you find in timepieces. Panerai Goldtech contains a percentage of copper (to achieve its color) and platinum (which helps to prevent oxidizing to extend the lifetime of the watch).

3. Versatility of Design: The 42mm size of the Submersible is an incredibly wearable timepiece for both every day and more formal occasions. The contrast of the Goldtech with the black ceramic bezel allows the watch to be wonderfully versatile while still taking a serious beating.

Buy Now: $26,700

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