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Seven Great Watches from This Year’s Oscar Contenders

Here are our favorite timepieces, both vintage and new, form this year’s batch of Oscar-nominated films.


It’s that time of year again — when all the power players come out to strut on the red carpet. Yes, it’s been a long year of fantastic movies folks, and it’s time to celebrate the real stars of the show, the divas and the underdogs, the Cinderella stories and the primadonnas: the watches the actors and actresses wore.

So here you have it folks: Our picks for Best Watches in Film, 2020. And the nominees are:

[IMPORTANT: hints at spoilers below]

Citizen 8110 Bullhead, Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood

Photo: Vinwatch via Catawiki

Yes, it was hard to pry your eyes off of Brad Pitt’s glittering, roofing-honed pecs. But the next best thing onscreen was his Citizen 8110 Bullhead on its wide leather cuff strap. This watch didn’t technically exist yet in 1969. But, uh, Tarantino fictionalized a few bigger things in the movie, didn’t he? So let’s just enjoy the impossible pairing.

More Info: Here

Gold Mathy-Tissot, The Irishman

What’s that blinged-out watch that a CGI-de-aged Al Pacino (as Jimmy Hoffa) gifts to a CGI-de-aged DeNiro (as Frank Sheeran, an, um, tough guy) in a pivotal moment of this 3-hour-long film? Why, a gold and gem-encrusted Mathy-Tissot. The Swiss brand was hot in the US in the late ‘60s after Elvis bought several and gave them out as gifts. Well done, Jimmy! I’m sure Frank will be a gracious friend after such a lovely gift…

More Info: Here

Gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date, Uncut Gems

Photo: Major League Jewelers

Adam Sandler is a sleazebag in this movie, and sells fake Rolexes to a few suckers. Sandler’s character’s own gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date, however, replete with its own cut gems, is legit. A little piece of 47th Street for your wrist.

More Info: Here

Apple Watch on Stainless Steel Bracelet, Parasite

A movie about class inequality has something clever to say about tech CEOs and their watches: sure, they have Rolexes and APs in their safes, but when it comes to the everyday wear, it’s got to be Apple Watch with a little extra bracelet cachet, baby.

More Info: Here

Heuer Chronograph and Autavia, Ford vs Ferrari

Two automotive icons, two of the greatest racing watches of all time. No points for surprise here –but really, what else were they supposed to be wearing? Though the models featured in the film (the Carrera is a ref. 7753 and the Autavia, a 2446T) weren’t technically correct for the time (neither existed in 1966), all things considered, they’re both appropriate wear for Carol Shelby and Ken Miles.

More Info: Here

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39, Marriage Story

The handsome Oyster Perpetual, available in several colors and sizes, may be an “entry-level”-Rolex, but it still clocks in at $5,700. It also flies a bit under the radar, as much as a watch from the Crown can. Does this mean Noah Baumbach is a Rollie guy?

More Info: Here

Unidentified Step Counter, The Two Popes


It seems Pope Benedict wore an Erhard Junghans in real life. (Francis went for humble Swatch or a Casio; John Paul wore a Rolex Datejust.) But in this fictionalized account of his handover of power to Francis, Benedict (played by Anthony Hopkins) wears a really cool…something. We’ve been unable to identify it under its white cover as of yet, but it does talk to Benedict and tell him he’s reached his 10,000 steps. Anyone know what this is? We want one, holy or otherwise.

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