Bear Grylls Teamed-Up With Luminox for Some Rugged Watches

Bear Grylls is a legendary outdoor adventurer and survivalist.


Bear Grylls is a legendary outdoor adventurer with experience navigating some of the harshest terrain on earth. Now, he has partnered with Luminox to create a line of watches that are up to the same adventures he is. The first is The Master Series — which is comprised of two chronographs in 45mm Carbonox™+ cases. Some of the features that make these watches special and especially rugged are the stainless steel chronograph pushers, rubber crown ring for easy grip and a compass attached to the strap. This unique timepiece is also water-resistant to 300 meters, far beyond where most users will take it. The case is also inscribed with SOS in Morse code for quick reference — though we hope you never need to use it. With this timepiece kicking off the partnership, we can only imagine what could be next. You can order the Master Series from Luminox now.

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