Aquadive NOS Model 77

What's old is new

We’ve never heard of a 1970s vintage dive watch that still carries a factory warranty, but hey, there’s a first time for everything. Aquadive’s NOS Model 77 ($990+) takes “new old stock” cases and bezels that were manufactured in the 1970’s but never used and fits them with newly produced hands, dials, crystals and gaskets. The result is a watch with stronger vintage bona fides than the many vintage-inspired or reissued watches released over the past few years.

Aquadive is clearly trying to ride the wave of 1960s and 1970s dive watch nostalgia with the NOS Model 77, and the watch’s design is about as retro as a pair of platform disco shoes. The unique half-black PVD, half-naked stainless steel case and PVD bezel have an interesting look, but the hooded lug design won’t appeal to all tastes.

The watch is available in a limited edition of 150 pieces with a modern ETA automatic movement and 50 pieces with a vintage Anton Schild automatic movement for an even stronger dose of throwback flavor. The ETA movement is a bit more accurate, but we’d go whole hog and choose the vintage Schild motor. Over all, NOS Model 77 is a very novel concept, and makes us wonder: What do some other watch brands have tucked away in their attics?

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