The Best Watches for New Grads

New grads should have the right watch for their profession, and we’ve paired ten popular majors with great watches at a range of budgets.


Watches are a traditional graduation gift for good reason: they represent a sense of adult responsibility that makes them ideal for marking one of life’s major milestones. But which watch is right for your grad? For starters, it should be built to last and suited to his or her unique career path and personality. Below are ten watches paired to ten popular majors that’ll have new grads looking punctual, put-together and, most importantly, employable.

Pre-Med: Mido Multifort Patrimony

Genuinely useful for the medical field, the Mido Multifort Patrimony’s pulsometer scale is used for measuring patients’ heart rates. It also helps that the Patrimony attractive, will fit nicely under a cuff and features a lovely blue dial that’ll only add to a serene bedside manner. Best is that it’s relatively affordable and will tide a medical student over till he or she’s making that Rolex money.
Movement: Sellita SW 220-1 Automatic
Diameter: 45mm
Price: $890

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Poli Sci: Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern Worldtimer

A worldly graduate of political science or international relations will be well served by a watch like the Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern Worldtimer. The map dial is a traditional feature of world time watches, and when used in conjunction with the outer bezel, will help the wearer keep track of time zones around the globe. It’s also damn handsome, and offers solid build and specs for a reasonable price.
Movement: ETA 2893 Automatic GMT
Diameter: 43.5mm
Price: $1,135

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English Lit: Longines Flagship Heritage 38

“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.” -Henry David Thoreau. A simple, well-made watch is just that kind of art: it can subtly elevate one’s experience as it accompanies its wearer throughout the day. Those studying the classics will appreciate the refined styling of Longines’ tasteful automatic dress watch and treasure it as a keepsake for years to come.
Movement: ETA 2895 Automatic
Diameter: 38mm
Price: $1,675

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Art History: Seiko Presage Porcelain Dial

Those particularly attuned to history and aesthetics will be able to appreciate this Seiko Presage watch on several levels: They might recognize the tradition behind its in-house automatic movement, but will further be drawn to the soft elegance and artistry of its porcelain dial. The classical styling on display here is anything but boring, and creates the kind of watch that can be worn daily in a range of situations.
Movement: Seiko 6R35 Automatic
Diameter: 40.5mm
Price: $1,700

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Econ: Monta Atlas

Economics majors will surely grasp the value offered by American indie brand Monta’s Atlas GMT watch. The company uses excellent suppliers to offer a highly refined product and a direct-to-consumer sales model to help keep its watches affordable. The Atlas features a handy GMT function for tracking a second time zone, and its handsome design means it’ll look the part whether its wearer finds a job in government, academics or in business.
Movement: Sellita SW330-1 Automatic GMT
Diameter: 38.5mm
Price: $1,840

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Psych: Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope

There’s something cerebral about the elegant and balanced designs created by Bauhaus luminary Max Bill for the German brand Junghans. This classic example will look the part for those practicing psychology, approaching the world with a reassuringly sober and practical attitude. The Chronoscope, which features a chronograph, is also “complicated” — much like the human mind.
Movement: ETA 7750 Automatic Chronograph
Diameter: 40mm
Price: $2,045

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Business: Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic

You can’t be showing up to a business meeting looking like some schlub — you need a refined watch to go with that suit. The Cartier Tank Solo XL is perfect — an absolute classic and appropriate for everything from biz-casual to black-tie clothing. This version is even equipped with an in-house automatic movement which will score you some cred when hanging with the office watch bros.
Movement: Cartier 1847 MC Automatic
Diameter: 31mm
Price: $3,450

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Computer Science: Nomos Tangente Neomatik

There’s no reason that those at the forefront of digital technology can’t also appreciate the anachronistic charm of a mechanical movement and the satisfying simplicity of an analog dial. The minimalist design and modern fonts the German brand Nomos is known for will fit right in with the likes of Silicon Valley tastes. Carrying reasonable prices and featuring in-house movements, Nomos watches also represent sensible value.
Movement: Nomos DUW 6101 Automatic
Diameter: 41mm
Price: $4,100

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Engineering: IWC Ingenieur Automatic

The IWC Ingenieur, an utter classic of 20th-century watchmaking, is a no-brainer option for the engineering graduate. It was originally built in the 1950s to withstand the magnetic fields that can affect engineers at work. Now, its sober looks reflect the practical attitude expected of the profession, and the prestigious name on the dial promises quality.
Movement: Sellita SW300-1
Diameter: 40mm
Price: $4,590

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Chemistry: TAG Heuer Monaco

The sporty racing watch like TAG Heuer Monaco can’t necessarily be associated with chemistry — except that it was worn by one of the most famous fictional chemists ever: Breaking Bad’s Walter White. It’s a cool pop culture nod that one’s lab buddies are sure to appreciate, but it’s also a great watch on its own, with racing history and more than a dash of panache.
Movement: Sellita SW300-1 Automatic with Chronograph Module
Diameter: 39mm
Price: $5,400

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