Check Out The Restoration of This Vintage Military Watch

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From collector videos to watchmaking tutorials to auction coverage, YouTube is full of great content for the horologically curious. In Watch This, we dig out hidden gems of watch-related video content for you to explore in your free time.

I was desperately trying to be productive one recent weekend when YouTube beckoned me down one of its myriad fascinating rabbit holes. Venture I did, only to chance about my latest obsession: watchmaking videos.

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One of my favorite new channels is called The Nekkid Watchmaker — the name comes from the narrator’s desire “to strip away all the BS and snobbery in watchmaking and to encourage a new generation of watchmakers in to this wonderful art” — and if you love watches, you have to check it out. In it, our watchmaker protagonist (I think his name is Joe, judging from one of the video’s comments section) films his restoration of vintage timepieces, including wrist and pocket watches. He’s got a great sense of humor, is highly skilled and inventive, and is a pleasure to watch.

If you like military and military-style watches, I’d recommend checking out the above video first, which details the restoration of a Jaeger-LeCoultre P469-based wristwatch from the 1940s — amazingly, Joe even re-plates the chrome case with a fresh nickel coating. Pop some popcorn, crack a beer, and enjoy.

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