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The Best Wooden Watches

Because sometimes you just want a naturally-grown time-telling device.

Ralph Lauren

Watches may not grow on trees, but sometimes, they're made out of them.

Either intensely gimmicky or stupidly fun — depending on your viewpoint and the number of Rolexes in your collection — wooden watches are most decidedly "a thing." Some use only wooden dials or wooden bezels, while some go so far as to include bracelets made out of the stuff as well. Either way, a wooden watch is a cool statement piece — something that says, "I am different." Or "my watch is different." Or "I am a steel conservationist." Or "I am obsessed with trees."

Here are some of our favorite wooden watches — from sub-$100 gifts to investment-grade, Swiss-powered stunner — and why you should care.

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Treehut Pacific Grey Maple Black
TruWood Leaf Green
Tree Hut Classic Boyd
TruWood Hawk
Tru Wood
Cosmos Magnetic Wood Watch
Urban Designer
Holzkern Dusk
Jord Dover II
Original Grain Grainmaster Chrono 45mm
Original Grain
Ralph Lauren Automotive Collection 39 MM Chronometer
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren Sporting Collection 39 MM Steel
Ralph Lauren
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