Viewfinder: Who We Are

“Who We Are” follows Donnie Vincent and his team of hunters through the Northwest Territories, 20 miles south of the Arctic Circle, drawn to the wilderness by an irresistible yearning.

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The hunters captured in “Who We Are” travel to the Northwest Territories, about 20 miles south of the Arctic circle, on a regular basis. Donnie Vincent is the leader of the expedition and the producer of this film. He and his crew capture their hunts on video to illustrate another side of the often oversimplified art of hunting. “It’s not a hobby for me”, he says. “It’s something I actually have to do.” He argues that many people who look down on hunting don’t know where their food comes from, and that too many overlook the fact that their ancient ancestors were hunters. “Unless you’re a small-time rancher, small-time farmer, a hunter or a fisherman… you really have no idea where your food comes from”, he says.

But the most striking thing about this film is the serenity that shows through the struggle. The lure of the wilderness is palpable. The crew trudges through snow to track animals, wades through rivers on horseback, and explores vast wildernesses, Vincent marching dauntlessly with huge caribou antlers on his backpack. It’s all a major part of how these men define themselves, and the difficulties and risks are worth it.

“The longer you’re here,” Vincent says, “the more fantastic things happen.”

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