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Elements: Waterproof

13 of the best pieces of waterproof gear to battle April showers.



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Born in England in 1524, Thomas Tusser had a thing for rhyming and a thing for farming. In 1573 he wrote Five Hundredth Pointes of Good Husbandrie which condensed an entire year’s worth of farming tips and tricks into 338 pages of rhyming couplets (a couple dozen pages are devoted to describing the perfect cheese). But nestled on page 135 is the first recorded instance (a slightly modified version) of that iconic phrase: “Sweet April showers, / Do spring May Flowers” that so many newscasters are wont to repeat this time of year.

Tusser’s lunacy aside, every year his point about early spring precipitation is proven and every year we’ve got an excuse to stock up on some of the best waterproof gear around. So let’s embrace warm rain, modern waterproofing and time-tested traditions — if only to spend more time thinking about the perfect Camembert.

Our Picks: Grundens Sandhamn 309 Jacket ($299), Rite in The Rain Durarite Journal ($10), Swims Galoshes ($73), Hinoki Bathmat ($100), Heath Bowls Leather Coasters ($29), Otter Wax ($13), Arcteryx Veilance Nomin Pack ($550), Davek Solo Umbrella ($99), Tudor Pelagos ($4,400), Lifeproof iPhone 6 Case ($80), Arc En Ciel Chair ($98), NN.07 Owen Shell Jacket ($470), Billykirk 326 Waxed Tote ($218)

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