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A Rakish Man’s Back-to-Medical School Shopping List

We can’t help you get into med school, but these items will help you get through it in comfort and style.

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Summer’s just about over, and if you’re a med student, the hospital doors are beginning to appear on the horizon. You’re bracing yourself for sleepless nights, flicking IVs, stooping over text books and trying to take advantage of every free second that this exhausting life offers. Not everyone approaches periods of high stress in the same way, but having a plan of attack going in can at least add a sense of organized comfort before the chaos that will inevitably ensue. Here’s all the work and leisure tools you need for heading back to med school.


Notes and Staying Plugged In


Rhodia Ice Webnotebook ($25)
Rhodia’s top-quality notebooks will get you through rounds in style.

Autopoint TwinPoint Mechanical Pencil ($14)
Don’t bother carrying two pens or pencils when Autopoint offers two in one.

Goal Zero Flip 20 Recharger ($43)
Never be without your calendar, email, voice recordings or phone with a tiny but powerful backup battery.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ($1,110)
Laptop, tablet, notes, email — anything you need it to be.

iAnnotate PDF ($10)
Keep track of all your docs and edit them with powerful ease.


Sweats and Comforts


Everlane The Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt ($55)
Maximum comfort with moderate style and a low price.

Runningman Sweats ($100)
Because all-night study sessions call for grown-man pajamas.

Gaiam Athletic 2 Grip Mat ($75)
When all else fails, a little meditation will help alleviate stress — or at least make you forget the work.

Yogabed Mattress ($599+)
When you do get a chance to sleep at home for a night, don’t let a springy mattress ruin it.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App ($1)
Leave groggy mornings behind with an app that wakes you up at the most opportune moment.

Around Town

Shoes, Bags and Coffee to Go


Gregory Packs Sketch 18 ($79)
Through-hiker technology in a day-hike pack with a laptop sleeve.

Snow Peak Kanpai Bottle 350 ($70)
Keep coffee hot all morning… and all night.

New Balance 1550 REVlite ($100)
Long nights on your feet call for a light, comfortable shoe.

PSB M4U Active Noise-Canceling Headphones
For getting away to study, relax or anything else, PSBs won’t let you down.

The Interview

Dress and Accessorize


Banana Republic Black Italian Wool Suit Jacket ($450)
Placement interviews aren’t the time for being flashy, but they are the time for looking professional.

Banana Republic Black Italian Wool Suit Trouser ($198)
Speaking of professional, don’t mix and match your pants and your jacket.

Jack Spade Luggage Nylon Slim Brief ($378)
Even if it only ever carries your résumé, a classy, adult briefcase beats a backpack at an interview.

Blunt Classic Umbrella ($79)
Showing up for the opportunity of your life dripping wet would be a shame.

How Doctors Think ($6)
Your interviewers want to give offers to doctors; show them you know how to think like one with a little preliminary reading.

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