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You Can (Kind of) Own the Gadgets of James Bond

You’ll be facing charges if your umbrella is a deadly weapon, but having one that looks like Bond’s can still make you cool.


James Bond is known for completing missions with style, charm and a bit of hard work — though every so often, some gadgets from Q come in handy. From boom boxes that double as rocket launchers to Omega watches with built-in lasers, 007’s gear is enviable, if unavailable (or just plain impossible). Invisibility cloaks for cars are still a few years away, but there are still a few demilitarized Bond gadgets you can buy today.

Spike Umbrella from ‘For Your Eyes Only’ (1981)


Walking through Q’s lab, 007 (Roger Moore) saw an umbrella with claw-like spikes. Though a deadly umbrella may have you looking at jail time, a hand-made, solid-stick umbrella from Lockwood Umbrellas will add an element of Bond’s style to any rainy day outing.

Buy Now: $437

Rolex Submariner from ‘Live and Let Die’ (1973)


Bond’s Submariner can not only stop a bullet, but it can also turn into a Dremel-esque saw to cut through ropes. Though there are plenty of vintage watch mods out there, the miniature saw is not one of them — so perhaps a mint-condition 1973 Submariner will do.

Buy Now: $7,495

Voice Changer from ‘Diamonds are Forever’ (1971)


Q builds a voice changer without breaking a sweat after super-villain Ernst Blofeld uses one to imitate the voice of billionaire Willard Whyte. The iStranger Mobile Phone Voice Changer, by KJB Security Products, is easy to use and can change your voice’s pitch, so it can go unrecognized. Or, if you’re Bond on a budget, get a free voice changer as an app.

Buy Now: $323

TV Watch from ‘Octopussy’ (1983)


Seiko’s TV Watch, released in 1982, was featured in Octopussy, but for your money, an Apple Watch with a black classic strap will get you into just as much trouble.

Buy Now: $649

Homing Beacon from ‘Goldfinger’ (1964)


Though this was new technology at the time, practically everyone has their own homing beacon now, located on their cell phone. Free apps like GPS Tracker let you locate other phones in real time, but have to be enabled to work. The Sanoxy Real Time Portable Mini Tracker can monitor a target’s coordinates and it can send alerts for various situations (e.g. when the target moves to restricted areas or when the target starts moving).

Buy Now: $26

Aston Martin DB5 from ‘Goldfinger’ (1964) and ‘Thunderball’ (1965)


Bond’s Aston Martin had a homing beacon, tire slashers, bulletproof glass and machine guns (among other things). Though all these mods are clearly after-market, you can still enjoy your own 1964 DB5 for under $1 million.

Buy Now: $969,850

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