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Biolite Nanogrid

The Biolite Nanogrid is a camping weapon.


The Biolite Nanogrid is a three-in-one lighting solution that’s designed specifically for recreational campers. Made by Biolite, the American manufacturer known for its clean-combustion camping stoves and portable charging stations, the Nanogrid is a lantern, torch and power bank — all in one.

First and foremost, the Nanogrid illuminates. It’s a 200-lumen lantern, or a 250-lumen torch, that’s capable of running for 72 hours at its lowest setting on a single charge. To save power, the device can be dimmed, and if you somehow get into a 127 Hours– or Cast Away-type situation, it has an emergency strobe setting. Secondly, the Nanogrid is a charging station. With a lithium ion rechargeable battery — the same type of battery used in the Tesla Model S — and 16 watts of power storage, the Nanogrid can charge any electronic device with a USB port. And it charges at two amps, which is twice as fast as the average iPhone charger block.

The fun part of the Nanogrid is the Sitelights that it comes with — two chain-able overhead lights that you can position around the campsite (or living room) to achieve a higher degree of ambiance. All told, the Nanogrid is a tool that can replace the other flashlight in your car camping kit, prolong the life of your electronics and turn your campsite into an off-the-grid oasis. That’s progress in our book. biolitestove.com


Battery: 4,400 mAh Lithium Ion battery
Lumens: 200 (lantern) and 250 (torch)
Power Storage: 16 watts
Weight: 7.05 ounces (210 grams)

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