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Yes Snowboards 20/20

With a concave tip and tail, the Yes 20/20 is the most innovative snowboard released this year.


From the graphics to the sidecut to the camber profiles, radical departures from the norm have been as much a part of snowboard culture as outrageous hair and method grabs. The latest innovation in the snowboard industry comes from Yes Snowboards and it has revolutionized snowboard design.

The 20/20 is what Yes is calling a “powder hull” snowboard. It is the first of its kind and consists of a mostly flat camber profile with rockered tips that are concave. The board is a true twin as well, a rarity in the category of powder boards. The concave tips act to channel snow into the nose of the board and funnel it out the tail. The result is a rising nose and dropping tail — the goal of a powder board. The bonus is that the 20/20 can also be ridden much shorter than a traditional powder snowboard, due to the tip and tail shape and a wide waist width, allowing for a fun and playful shape that loves to butter.


The 20/20 is what asymmetrical boards were a few years ago — a revolution in snowboarding that will likely cause many other snowboard companies to scramble to compete. It might not be the only board you ride, replacing your daily driver, but when the turns are deep and the white room is calling your name, the 20/20 should be the only board you reach for this winter. yesnowboard.com


Board Style: powder
Camber Profile: flat / 3D powder hull
Shape: true twin
Sizes: 146, 150

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