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Upgrade Your Fall Kit with This Outdoor Gear

Make sure your fall outdoor kit is ready to take on the cooler weather.



As fall hits, quality outdoor gear becomes more important than ever. A solid rain jacket, a sturdy pair of hiking boots, and a quality multitool are all necessities in any self-respecting outdoorsman’s fall kit. If any of those items are looking a little tired in your personal kit, we’ve researched, torture-tested and rounded up the best outdoor items to upgrade your gear, right here.

Fall Essentials

Gear to Get You Going

Leatherman Signal

Leatherman’s Signal survivalist multi-tool is designed specifically for the outdoors, and this one-of-a-kind multi-tool is as apt for the hardened hiker as it is for casual campers. The tool set was culled from conversations with trained survivalists, who placed particular emphasis on tools that provide a way to communicate sans tech — like a ferrocerium fire starter and a whistle. The Signal also incorporates outdoor staples like a can opener, a saw, a hammer and an awl, alongside several others, for a total of 19 tools in one unit.

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Tips for Fall

Things Every Outdoorsman Should Know


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